For 2-3 servings


4 to 5 avocados; peeled, pitted, and cut in half

1 pound medium shrimp; cooked

½ finely diced red onion

2 finely diced radishes

½ finely diced red pepper

2 finely diced celery stalks

2 hardboiled eggs; diced

5 tbsp. cilantro aioli or Paleo mayo

Juice from 1 lime

Salt and pepper to taste

Paleo shrim stuffed avocado


1. Chop shrimp in half; keep some for a garnish later if you want.
2. In a bowl combine onion, radishes, peppers, celery, eggs, shrimp, half the lime juice, and cilantro aioli; mix well.
3. Taste and add salt and pepper to your liking.
4. Drizzle the remaining lime juice over the avocados to keep them from darkening.
5. Spoon shrimp mixture onto avocados.
6. Garnish, and serve immediately. Nutrition Facts per 1 Serving
278 kcal
19.6g fat
35.1g protein
159mg cholesterol
220mg sodium
13g carbohydrates
7.2g fiber