How to Success with Paleo: It Takes Preparation

Paleo Dieting

Before beginning anything new in your life you need to prepare; the right way. We discussed preparing for the food aspect of this diet but now we need to talk about the mind and physical preparation. You need to be committed to the Paleo diet and have a definite plan before you begin. First things first, clear your mind and set specific goals for yourself. This is where you need to decide if you can go into this full blown right off the bat or if you need to ease slowly into the new style of eating. Once you have decided how you are going to approach the diet make a plan. Write it down; this tends to give people more commitment to what they are trying to achieve.

Another important aspect you need to consider is talking to your family doctor about what you are planning to do. Anytime you decide to change your eating or exercising habits it is a good idea to speak with your doctor. Make sure that you are in the physical health you need to be in order to take on the endeavors that will be waiting for you.

Make contingency plans for times you will be eating out so that you know how to handle the situation before you walk into it. Make a list if you need to; this way you know what menu items can be ordered if you choose not to use this as a cheat night. Keep in mind that fresh steamed vegetables, fruits, and a good cut of meat are always viable options when dining out. You can also go with a good salad minus the croutons and cheese. Ask for olive oil or lemon juice to add flavor to your salad or perhaps a homemade vinaigrette dressing.

You can also always bring your own paleo salad dressing from home in a plastic container.  Check online to see what kind of foods the restaurant has to offer that will fit into your Paleo plan so you can plan your order ahead of time; this will relieve stress for you while dining. As a side note ordering meatloaf is not a Paleo friendly way to go; it is made of meat but most meatloaf recipes call for breadcrumbs, which contain the grains you are trying to avoid. Just remember that you are keeping it natural and process free.

Dieting alone is not the answer to being healthy; our bodies need exercise as well.  Being stagnant is unhealthy not only for your body but your metabolism as  well.  It  will  be  more  difficult  to  lose  weight  if  your  metabolism  is  not functioning at an optimum level. Exercise makes us feel better and keeps us flexible and full of energy. It’s also a great stress and anxiety reducer. You should always speak with your doctor before starting a physical activity routine. Being in good physical shape is important but don’t push your body more than your doctor says you’re ready for. You can always increase your exercise regime as time goes by and you get healthier and stronger.

And  lastly,  find  your  motivation!  Motivation is  the  most  important  factor  in achieving any goal. Find a good support system from friends and family, as these are the people that are going to give you those special pep talks when you are feeling like you can’t stick with your diet. Think about what you are trying to accomplish every day and remind yourself what the end result will be: a healthier and thinner you! Don’t focus on negatives; if you fall off track shake it off and get right back on. Reward yourself for accomplishments. Set small goals and take things one day at a time; don’t take on too much as that can lead to burn out and frustration.

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